Science used to be neatly divided into the worlds of basic science and applied science. The latter was and is still mainly research into the development of new technologies. But the accepted paradigm of sustainable development and, in particular, the problems resulting from global change (climate, biodiversity and desertification) mean that this bipolar world is no more. A third type of science, which is implementation and process-oriented, outcome-driven and transdisciplinary is developing. It focuses on natural, social, cultural and economic phenomena in relation to the societal processes necessary for dealing with the challenges at stake. Science operating in this context is different. Its theoretical, methodological and structural bases are not yet fully developed, but it is already operative in many research projects worldwide. We support the development of these bases and advise funding agencies with concepts and strategies for programme development and evaluation.

Our activities include:
> deriving experiences from running programmes: lessons learned
> recommendations for future programme design and formats
> consultation on suitable frameworks for sustainability science:
>> involvement of business partners
>> communication of programme targets
>> development of adequate time frames
>> proper distribution of funding for all tasks involved
>> evaluation of proposals and the programme itself
> providing counselling and support for continuous programme (re-)design and management.